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A World of Opportunities Newsletter (London Edition 🇬🇧)

Oct. 10th, 2022 (London, England)

Rachel here,

Dropping in from the 2nd largest tech hub in the world...London.

Argue all you want about the cost of living and sub-optimal weather, but the city truly is filled with opportunities, programs and loads of support if you're willing to take a leap and go after it.

Which is why I'm here, to share with you some of my top resources both locally and globally to help you and your business make the most of the final quarter of 2022. 💪🏼


UK-Focused Programs🇬🇧:

  • Automotive Transformation Fund-Closes Oct. 19th, 2022 (link)

  • Innovation Loads Future Economy Competition-Closes Nov.9th, 2022 (link)

  • Inclusive Innovation Award-Closes Nov. 9th, 2022 (link)

  • Circular Economy for UK SMEs- Closes Dec. 7th, 2022 (link)

UK Money & Funding 💰:

  • £500-£25,000-Virgin Startup (link)

  • Non-profit-National Lottery Community Funds (link)

  • DIT-Internationalization Fund (link)

Events in London 🥂:

  • GovTech, QEII Centre-Oct. 13th, 2022 (link)

  • London Climate Technology Show, Olympia-Oct. 19-20th (link)

  • The Business Show, ExCel Centre-Nov. 16-17th, 2022 (link)

  • Women of Silicon Roundabout, ExCel Centre-Nov. 22-23rd, 2022 (link)

Go Global 🌎:

  • Overseas market introductions-UK businesses-On-going (link)

  • Eureka/EU Partnership on Innovative SMEs- Closes Nov. 15th, 2022 (link)

  • Inspiration-Challenges and Solutions to International Growth Forbes Article (link)

For Young Innovators 📚:

  • The Gen Z Entrepreneur's Network- (link)

  • Ryvin Residency-Reinventing Education (link)

  • The Break-Female Entrepreneurs EU Programme (link)

What I'm Consuming 🎙:

  • Stop Fighting For What You Don't Want 💪🏼-The Mindset Mentor (link)

  • Why You Need to Pay More Attention to LatAm's Tech Boom 🇧🇷-Latitud (link)

  • How Fintech Companies Can Benefit From Global Expansion 💸 (link)

👉🏼For the complete UK Startup Guide (ecosystem overview, incubators, investors, government incentives, network opportunities) click here.


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