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Opportunities in Emerging Economies 🇨🇴

Updated: Aug 31

Beautiful beaches 🏝. Diverse ecology 🐠. Fresh coffee ☕️. And now...thriving tech ecosystems too 🌐.

For those of you that haven’t started looked beyond borders, now’s the time…

Emerging economies like Latin America and Africa have been overshadowed by the more well known markets across Europe and North America as the 'go-to' for a high-quality of life, top vacation spots and business opportunities.

But now, technology has changed the game.

It’s easier than ever to take your life and/or business across borders. And if the beautiful beaches aren’t enough of a sell, here’s 5 more reasons why…

1.Global Market Potential.

👉🏼Did you know? The U.S. market is only 4.25% of the global population.

This means, if you are not operating internationally, you are missing out on 95.75% of the potential markets. Likewise, Canada is only a whopping 0.48% of the total world population.

How’s that for a reality check.

2.Government Incentives.

👉🏼Countries like Costa Rica, Belize, Brazil, Ecuador and Panama are offering “Digital Nomad Visas”

  • Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa 🇨🇷: Link

  • Work Where You Vacation 🇧🇿: Link

  • Brazil Digital Nomad Visa 🇧🇷: Link

  • Ecuador Digital Nomad Visa 🇪🇨: Link

  • Panama Digital Nomad Visa 🇵🇦: Link

3.Investment Outlook.

👉🏼In 2021, Latin America was the fastest growing region in the world for venture funding.

For a while, emerging economies deterred many investors due to various reasons like language, cultural barriers and other political or social risk factors. Regardless, Latin America has seen investments on the rise in the past 5 years. (Reference)

Just last year, you had more venture capital going into technology investments in the region (LAC) than you had seen over the past 10 years together." -Maurcicio Claver-Carone (IDB President)
According to Tech Crunch, “African VC reached new heights in 2021 at over $4 billion and there's never been a better time to be bullish.”

4.Technology Adoption.

👉🏼Emerging markets are using innovation to overcome adversity.

Due to Latin America’s complex history of challenges and triumphs, the region is filled with entrepreneurs, innovators and open-minded governing bodies ready to integrate technology into their daily lives.

Countries like El Salvador have openly adopted crypto currencies as legal tender. And Medellin, Colombia was named “the most innovative city in the world” in 2012.

Latin America is also currently home to 23 unicorns 🦄 (6 of which are from this year alone).

Key Tech Industries In LatAm to look out for:

  • Fintech + Payments 💰 (Brazil is home to the largest neobank in the world Nubank)

  • E-commerce 🛍 (Argentina is home to Mercado Libre “the eBay of LatAm”)

  • Crypto, DeFi and Blockchain technologies 🌐

  • Marketplace Apps 🍔 (Colombia is proudly home to the famous delivery app, Rappi)

5. International Real Estate. 👉🏼Oceanfront properties at a fraction of the cost.

Not only can you get incredible food for a quarter of the price compared to North America or Europe, but real estate and housing markets are also substantially less competitive. For most Europeans, finding a reasonably priced property with a backyard + large living space is a dream, whereas in Latin America, there’s substantially more availability.


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